Claudia Rewinkel

Claudia Rewinkel

Claudia, a Dutch singersongwriter with indonesian roots. Influenced by the vivid scenerey around her, and her passion for travelling, literature and writing. The images flood from her pen and sound seamlessly through her music. Empty your mind, close your eyes and have a taste of these small collected truths.

She usually performs alone, or in a duo with other musicians backing up her music or covers-depending on the occasion.

Recently she formed a band with fellow students, Paper Wolfe, at the conservatory of Enschede, Artez. Giving her popjazzy/singersongwriter music an extra  fresh punch, groovy feel when needed. The band consists of Drums/Percussionist: Lars Gommers, Bassist: Floris Poessé, Elec Guitarist: Joel Floor, and the occasional backing vocals that emphasize the atmosphere.